Fire & EMS

As practice owners and clinicians, we get busy. Business development  often takes a back seat as we focus on providing patient care. True Fit can help keep your practice moving forward with a full complement of written products so you can focus on what you do best.

True Fit has developed the Fire & EMS Injury Prevention Program. This is an ergonomics analysis and training seminar tailored to the needs of your department or EMS agency. Simply the most effective way to cut your worker compensation costs.

Keeping employees  healthy and free of injury takes a lot more than having everyone in the office sit on yoga balls. It takes training and managerial oversight. Our agency can give you the tools to cut down on worker compensation costs and keep a healthy and productive workforce.

The practical side of health care



Conveying your message with professionally written products.

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Lowering your worker compensation costs.

Empoyee Training

Giving employees the knowledge to be injury free.

Management Consulting

Keeping workplace injury rates low requires oversight.

Professional Services